Can a smart watch

save you from a stroke?

Join an ambitious study to detect the most common heart arrhythmia using your smart watch. Contribute your data and save lives.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running this study?
Greg Marcus, MD, MAS and José Sanchez, MD are the principle investigators for the mRhythm study, with contributions from many people from the Health eHeart team: Ricardo Barerra, Alex Cabrera, Rachel Gladstone, Ben Hobson, Carol Maguire, Todd Parsnik, Greg Marcus, Madelena Ng, Jeff Olgin, Mark Pletcher, José Sanchez, Cathy Stolitzka, Geoff Tison, and Jairo Vazquez. The study is in partnership with Johnson Hsieh and Brandon Ballinger at Cardiogram, who are building the Apple Watch app and machine learning algorithm.
What will participants have to do?
It's easy! Just download Cardiogram and sign up online for the mRhythm Study. You'll be asked to complete surveys with your medical history. If you have an arrhythmia and an AliveCor, you'll also be asked to link your AliveCor. (If you don't have an AliveCor, we may have a limited number to send to you.)
What type of algorithm are you using?
We're using a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning. Deep learning is used by companies like Google for speech recognition on Android, finding cats in YouTube videos, and beating the world champion in Go. Our variant is semi-supervised, which means it can learn both from people who have a diagnosed heart condition and an FDA-approved monitor like AliveCor, as well as people who just have an Apple Watch or Android Wear device.
When will results be published?
We hope to submit results to peer-reviewed journals by the end of 2016, and will be giving talks at places like Strata 2016 to give progress updates before then. To keep updated, subscribe to our mailing list
If I have atrial fibrillation, can you treat me?
By law, a research study like ours cannot provide medical treatment. If the research proves successful, we intend to apply for FDA approval and make our technology available to everyone.
What if I have more questions?
For additional questions, please email [email protected].